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What does being a member of AVC mean?

You have acquired a Club Membership that gives you the right to use holiday accommodation for a period or periods every year, at more than 200 (and growing in number) luxury resorts in the AVC portfolio, for the duration of your membership.


To gain access to this vast choice of holiday accommodation, members may purchase as many points as they wish, but will be guided as to the optimum number required, depending on family size and holiday preferences. The accommodation intervals at each resort have a corresponding points value, which varies according to unit size, facilities, location and season. Members can increase the number of points owned at any time, to meet their holiday requirements – whether that be to accommodate more people, longer vacations or different holiday seasons.


What is an International Exchange Organisation and why am I also a member?

RCI LogoAfrica Vacation Club (AVC) is affiliated to Resorts Condominiums International – RCI. Although you have a choice of some 200 AVC resorts in Southern Africa and Africa (including the stunning Mnarani in Kilifi, Kenya), you also have the added benefit of being enrolled as an RCI member. RCI is an International Exchange Organisation and if you decide not to holiday at one of the resorts within the AVC portfolio, you can swap your occupancy right for similar accommodation through RCI. RCI has more than 4000 affiliated resorts in about 100 countries around the globe, so your holiday options are virtually limitless!


VOASA - Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa

AVC is also a member of VOASA (Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa). VOASA is a self-regulatory body with a Code of Conduct, with which all of its members comply. VOASA is committed to promoting the highest standards and ethics in the timeshare industry, for the benefit of the public.


Member Services

Once you have joined AVC, our Member Services Personnel at our representative office in Nairobi, Kenya are there to assist and guide you through the holiday booking or exchange process.

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